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Witnessing growth

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

I always start my sessions with young people during a crisis point. They come to me with a range of issues that sometimes cannot be solved without a wider network. Some young people experience things such family breakdown, emotional vulnerabilities or mental health. These can bring about challenges to learning but I am always able to alter the plan I have for them. One my clients was very unhappy being in a new country and used to run away. Due to where she would end up, we were concerned about trafficking. This contributed to issues within the family and at one point, we thought she may run away again. We begun CSE sessions and she engaged really well. I could definitely recognise the change in her behaviour and understanding throughout our sessions and home life. We recently completed the course as she expressed how much she liked the sessions, feels that she has has learnt, a lot and is sad that they have ended as she really got a long with me.

In my role, my aim is to encourage and empower young people with vital information to use in their life. My connections with them mean a great deal even though they may not realise it at times. To hear such kind words from my client is very much appreciated and makes me feel that the work I am doing must continue by any means necessary.

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