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Who is Karleen CSE?

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Welcome , welcome, welcome. Where do we begin.....

My lovely birthplace is London however I was raised in the most busiest city, New York. There is no place like home, While living in Brooklyn, I participated in many civil rights and humanitarian protests. This included demonstrations in the form of theatrical productions to demonstrate the disparities in education depending on class, as well as campaigning for legal classes to be added to the high school curriculum. Upon my return back to the UK, I obtained my Law and American Legal Studies degree along with several other certifications by working within Health and Social Care as well as the prison system.

Apart from my professional background, my own previous personal experiences has enabled me to resonate with not only specific topics but with the young people who have either witnessed or experienced exploitation.

I feel that when teaching any topic, it is vital to gain as much understanding as possible as not everything can be found in a book or explained just because you have obtained a degree. Real life, one to one discussions have helped to build connections and significantly impact all of the young people that I have worked with.

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