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Child Pornography

I woke up one morning last week to see the article below. As soon as I saw 'Trump' I thought it was another Democrats v Republican article and quickly scrolled past. Something told me to scroll back and good thing I did. There are an increasing amount of article on this topic in recent times.

As more children remain schooling from home (as a consequence of the pandemic) their internet usage has increased. Unfortunately, the result of this has led to children becoming 'friends' with more people online. These people lie about their ages and manipulate children to send pictures of themselves. The images eventually end up on the dark web, child porn sites and shared amongst other people. Once a person accesses these websites, they are able to view other images that have been shared and sadly this includes images of children being abused.

This is not necessarily the order and when people view these images, as they could have accessed these websites beforehand and then manipulated a child to obtain pictures or abuse them so that they would then have something to share in these forums.

Please be mindful of who children are speaking to online and if they are requested to do something. It is harder to monitor physical child abuse however look out for signs such as becoming withdrawn, bed wetting, not wanting to be around certain adults, unexplained bruises and anxiety.


*Ruben Verastigui, 27, was charged with distributing child pornography, according to a release from the Metropolitan Police Department

*According to his LinkedIn, Verastigui worked for the Senate Republican Conference from March 2019 until July 2020

*By then, the investigation into Verastigui was in full swing

*The Texas native had most recently been working at non-profit Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions.

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