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Client 6

Client - A

Since working with Karleen, I have been thinking more about myself and making more informed decisions. I have been more aware of my relationships with different people, including friendships and I have been making smarter decisions when it comes to any type of relationships

Client 4

Social worker

The sessions have been quite detailed and covered a range of topics. The (clients) has gained a lot of knowledge and they appear to understand the risks.

Client 1

Client - P

I understand more about the meanings and importance of things. I am much more aware of what is going on. Before if anyone told me about not doing things on my phone, I would have ignored them but I now know what is out there and what to look for and how to keep safe.

Client 7

Parent of client

Thanks for your support and professionalism for (client) and us as a whole family. We are very appreciative for the sessions you have had with (client) and we think she has learnt from them.

Client 8


I'm happy to have learnt more about grooming and it has reinforced things in my mind. There are things that I did not pick up on until it was too late. What you have explained has been really helpful.

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